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Cita's Story

Cita stood at the edge of the garden idly fingering the strange golden chunk of metal she'd just found. Her eyes were fixed upon the horizon where the Golden Sliver bisected the setting sun. She couldn't help but think that together the sun and the Sliver were a great eye keeping watch over Ellomyr; some benevolent guardian that stopped to check on her children at the same time every day.

By now the smell of fresh vegetable stew had made its way to the garden, dinner bells were sounding through the air, and Cita could hear the other kids in town shouting their gleeful cries of freedom. Her lips curled into a gentle smile and she lifted an aching hand up to her brow to wipe a bead of sweat from her tawny skin. "Some day..." she mused.

"Back to work, Ci. Day's not over yet." A tender, but commanding voice snapped Cita out of her daydream. She promptly shot down to her knees, giving one last spin of the object in her pocket with the hand that wasn't immediately buried in soil. She'd take it to Gurner in the morning.

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