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Moiko Jay - The Closet Gamer

The head dude here at The Closet Gamer. Moiko resides in Carmel, IN (just north of Indianapolis) with their wife and daughter. Moiko graduated from MediaTech Institute for Recording and Audio Engineering in 2006, and is credited for sound design and production on projects such as Flatland: The Movie and The Truth Bleeds at Twilight actual play Twitch stream. They have produced for podcasts such as Derelict Radio, as well as a number of musical artist album releases.

They've been a gamer in one way or another since their early years; whether that be video games, tabletop games, or even the occasional LARP. They have written several RPG adventures and supplements, such as This is REALity and Rom-Com for Dreamchaser.

Moiko is a self-described serial hobbyist. They are a gamer, game designer, musician, photographer, car enthusiast, and writer. When they aren't expanding their creative horizons, Moiko is an HR Information Systems Analyst and Developer.

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