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#RPGaDAY - Day 26 & 27

Every year, the hashtag #RPGaDAY makes its way around the social medias, and gamers try their damnedest to answer each question every day. Most fail. I probably will too. BUT. I will try!

Day 26: Which RPG provides the most useful resources?

For this question I'm going with a game I've never run, a game I don't own, and a game I've only played once; Shadows of Esteren. My one exposure to this game, and the additional research I did, showed me a game that provides some really amazing stuff to supplement the game.

The module that I am familiar with comes with NPC portraits, gorgeous maps, and cool clue handouts. There's music and literature and amazing books. Now, maybe other aspects of the game aren't quite as well produced, but from everything I've read that doesn't seem to be the case. Shadows of Esteren has been that one game at the top of my list that I've just never pulled the trigger on.