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Tabaxi Tarot Dice

It's not often that I get to play in a D&D campaign. So when I do I want to give it my all. Well, it just so happens that I will be joining a Fifth Edition game as a Tabaxi Rogue, and needless to say I'm super excited. I've been working up an elaborate backstory, given my DM all sorts of little levers to pull, and generally gone a little overboard on just about everything.

One bit I'm particularly proud of is a little mini game I came up with called Tabaxi Tarot Dice. It's a fully fleshed out game of deduction and chance that can be played in game or out of game. I thought I would share it with everyone so you could try it out yourselves.

Click the image above to view the full PDF of the rules

The only thing you'll need are six six-sided dice; two red, two blue, two green. Custom Tabaxi Tarot Dice would be great, but you can use standard D6s just as well using the Conversion Table below.

I even created a Roll20 module so the game can be played virtually! Using Rollable Tables and the VTT features, it makes a fun little game in and of itself.

Give Tabaxi Tarot Dice a try and let me know what you think!

Game well!

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