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Gen Con 50 Highlights

Wow, guys and gals. What. A. Weekend!

Gen Con 50 was huge, hectic, and wonderful. Instead of giving a laundry list of everything I did, I thought I would cherry pick a few of the best moments from the four day extravaganza.


Above all else, the time I got to spend with my friends was the most valuable experience of the whole weekend. It's a rare opportunity to be around that many like-minded people for such a long time, drinking beer, playing games, and telling stories. It was excellent to see friends I haven't seen in months. It was amazing to meet so many new people I hope to call friends. Even if everything else sucked, the people at the Con would have more than made up for it. Shout out to Sean, Erick, Pete, Rick, and everyone else who made this Con the best ever!

Fortunately for me and everyone else, everything else didn't suck.

Chip Theory Games

My gracious benefactors, the gentlemen who provided me with a badge for the small price of demoing some of their games. Josh and Adam Carlson of Chip Theory Games, along with being amazing game designers, are two of the most humble and generous guys around. I started working Gen Con for them last year, and continued the tradition this year.