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#RPGaDAY - Day 15

Every year, the hashtag #RPGaDAY makes its way around the social medias, and gamers try their damnedest to answer each question every day. Most fail. I probably will too. BUT. I will try!

Today's question: Which RPG do you enjoy adapting the most?

I feel like my answer here should be Powered by the Apocalypse. I feel like I'm going to read a lot of responses that say PbtA. But having never experienced PbtA, I can't do that.

So then, the clear and logical choice here for me is Savage Worlds. The system has a lot going for it, not the least being that it was literally designed to be adapted. There are so many great examples of settings, genres, and IPs being Savaged that it gives you a very clear picture of how to do it.

Then there's the factor of System Mastery. There was a period of about a year where Savage was my life, so I have a pretty deep level of system mastery. This makes hacking and adapting the system to bend to my every whim pretty darn easy. In fact, it's almost second nature.

I do look forward to the new Fantasy Flight Games Genesys system for future hacking. That should be fun.

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