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#RPGaDAY - Day 2

Every year, the hashtag #RPGaDAY makes its way around the social medias, and gamers try their damnedest to answer each question every day. Most fail. I probably will too. BUT. I will try!

Today's question: What is an RPG you would like to see published?

This question isn't going to get a specific answer from me. Instead, I'm going to suggest a sort of 'approach' to publishing RPGs. We are more than a decade into the smart device era and still, RPG publishers continue to largely ignore the vast opportunity that mobile devices and tablets offer them.

What would I like to see published? Any RPG that was designed, built, and intended to be played, consumed, and sold on or with smart devices. As much as I love the smell of a new physical book, and the tactile joy of flipping through pages, the fact is that they carry a lot of disadvantages with them. And sure, PDFs are there, but for me there is something uninspiring about reading an RPG in PDF format.