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Dreamchaser by Imagining Games

Earlier in the year I backed an interesting Kickstarter campaign for a unique RPG called Dreamchaser by Imagining Games. I was really intrigued by the clever narrative design of the game, and the wonderful art of course caught my eye.

Sometime after the campaign I actually got to meet the game's creator, Mr. Pete Petrusha, at Who's Yer Con 2017. He ran a few of us through a game of Dreamchaser and I had one of the best role playing experiences I'd ever had. Not only did this speak to the game's strength, but the other players and Pete as the Guide were an absolute blast!

I was then presented an opportunity to participate in an online campaign, again run by the Man Himself, Pete. And as luck would have it, we recorded every session, so you can see how fluid and interesting this game really is! Not to mention, I think we developed a very entertaining story. Enjoy!

Session 0

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4 (Finale)

I'll be working to parse these four sessions into a single audio Podcast, but for now, enjoy the story of Archie Less, Guido Giuseppe, and Grandon Gregson as they Steal the Airship!

You can pre-order Dreamchaser by clicking here. And you should totally do that, because Pete's one of the nicest dudes in the world and he's created a really compelling game!

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