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#RPGaDAY - Day 31

Every year, the hashtag #RPGaDAY makes its way around the social medias, and gamers try their damnedest to answer each question every day. We made it! It's the last day!

Today's question: What do you anticipate most for gaming in 2018?

Two words - Invisible Sun.

This is the most exciting game I've seen come along in a very long time. Everything about it; from the setting, to the system, to the components themselves, Invisible Sun has captivated me since the initial Kickstarter. Monte Cook Games promise to deliver a product unlike any other before it, and I tend to believe them.

The campaign was an awesome Alternate Reality Game that involved geocaching, cryptography, and riddles. It was an engaging and inspiring experience being a part of it. Heck, I was so inspired I even started writing a novella, Out of Grey.

The surreal nature of the setting is everything I could ever want in an RPG. Surreal storytelling is a practice in tip-toeing the fine line between the absurd and the meaningful. It's where the unbelievable becomes believable, and chaos holds great meaning. Having a system that supports and encourages these values is amazing.

Oh, and the art. Just look!

Then there's the promise of new ways to play the game away from the table. A dedicated app. Secrets upon secrets upon secrets. The directed campaign with more cool handouts. The list goes on.

February 2018 can't come soon enough. Although, I do need to summon enough Vislae to Satyrine by that time to ensure the Ritual of the Black Cube can happen.


Hey! We made it. That was my last entry for #RPGaDAY2017! Hope you enjoyed. See you next year for another crazy 31 days of RPG!

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